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Kids' Special Ticket Offer: Tips for Travelling with Kids to the Disneyland Resort

Disneyland is the happiest place on earth and what kid doesn’t dream of seeing a real life castle, running into their favorite superheroes or giving a hug to one of the beautiful Disney Princesses?

Well good news is in 2024 you can bring your little Mousekateers and SAVE! The Disneyland Resort in California has a special 'Kids' Special Ticket Offer' that includes a 50% discount on child theme park tickets valid for select dates beginning January 8, 2024 to March 10, 2024.

Our Pure Magic Vacations Travel Agents are here and ready to not only make your vacation as magical as it can be but also to help you save while you do it!

If you are ready to take advantage of this fantastic special offer then we have a few tips from our agents about travelling with little ones to Disneyland:

1. Utlilze the Genie+
When you dream of a visit to the happiest place on earth I am sure you are not dreaming about waiting in long lines. Vacations may be short and time with family is precious so why not make the most of it? If you are looking for the best way to skip the lines at your must do attractions then you will want to utilize Genie+. Genie+ is a pay-per-park day service that will allow you the opportunity to make reservations to enjoy some of the parks most popular rides and attractions. When it is your time to ride you will use a separate entrance that allows you to skip the standby queue for a reduced wait time and in turn answering the questions “Mom are we there yet? How much longer?” a little bit less frequently. For more information as well as tips and tricks on how the Genie+ system works, reach out to your Pure Magic Vacations Travel Agent!

2. Make the most of your time by staying onsite at a Disneyland Hotel
Of course when you choose to stay at a Disneyland Hotel you will receive a number of benefits such as themed rooms, beautiful pools and outstanding service. However, there are plenty of additional perks to staying in one of Disney’s onsite hotels which are Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, Disneyland Hotel and Paradise Pier Hotel. This includes early park entry to beat the crowds to those popular rides and attractions, preferred access to dining reservations, charge to room capabilities and the benefit of location! All three hotels are within a very short walk to the theme parks!

Over the past year Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel has been transforming into the country’s first Pixar themed hotel - Pixar Place,  and it was just announced that the official opening date for its completion will be January 30, 2024! This hotel is going to feature all things Pixar making it an ideal spot for families to stay. Additionally, there are many Disneyland Good Neighbour Hotels within the area that offer their own perks and benefits as well.


The official opening date for Pixar Place is January 30, 2024!

3. Plan for rides the kids will love!
Every family has different likes and dislikes, fears and temperaments so it is important to be familiar with the offerings you will find at each park. Just because a ride does not have a height requirement does not mean that it is meant for everyone. For example, Haunted Mansion is a ride that has no height requirement but its dark and eerie atmosphere may frighten some smaller travellers! If you are unfamiliar with Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park and their offerings, our Pure Magic Agents are pros and are happy to assist you in navigating your way!

4. Be prepared with a fully equipped park bag and stroller!
There are plenty of tools that will set you up for a successful Disneyland vacation and one of those tools is a fully equipped park bag and stroller! These theme parks are no small task and require a lot of walking for adult legs which means its basically double for little legs. Little Mousekateers will tire easily and a stroller will keep you moving through your day efficiently - it will also significantly reduce the complaints of the little ones! Additionally, a stroller makes a great place for your little one to sit while waiting for a parade, it's an easy spot for an on-the-go snack and a great place to hide when they need some shade! Some kids will even take a  nap in the stroller saving you from having to head back to your hotel for them to rest!

Our Pure Magic Parents have provided some insight on what they keep in their park bags to have a seamless day with little ones. Some key items to remember would be:
Reusable water bottles - these will save you money on buying plastic bottles in the park for starters, buying a bottle every time you need to hydrate will definitely add up! Keep an eye out for the refill stations around the park or ask any of the quick service dining locations for cups of water to refill with!

Snacks - whether being used to kill time in line or out of nowhere you have a “starving” child who just cannot wait until the next meal, having a bag with snacks is so convenient. You can purchase some in your hotel gift shops or around the park but our agents love bringing packaged goods from home or using a grocery delivery service to have it brought right to the hotel.

A Change of Clothes - if you have kids you know that things happen. Ice creams melt, drinks get spilled, you get stuck on the wrong spot of a water ride. Either way, you do not want to be on the receiving end of an uncomfortable kid in wet or dirty clothes. It might be helpful to pack another light outfit in your bag or plan to make a midday stop at your hotel for an outfit change. A change of clothes is also a good idea if you have a little princess or jedi knight with you! Costumes are a great way to get immersed into the magic but after a couple hours (if you’re lucky) you may have a young one begging to change!

Sunscreen & Hats - it is no surprise that the California sun can feel quite hot and nothing ruins a day quicker than an uncomfortable sunburn! Beat the heat and be sure to pack a hat to avoid sunburns and headaches. Find the shady spots where you can but don’t forget to reapply that sunscreen throughout the day.

5. Make use of the Disney Baby Care Centres
Disney is well aware that a large portion of their guests are travelling with young children. To accommodate these guests they have designed a Baby Care Centre in both theme parks. Whether your little Mousekateer needs a diaper change, formula or breastfeeding or just needs some quiet time - the Baby Care Centres are a great tool to a successful day. Here is what you can find at these well equipped Baby Care Centres:

  • Nursing room with chairs

  • Changing room with tables

  • Toddler-size toilets (for Guests under 42” tall)

  • Feeding area with highchairs

  • Kitchen with sink, bottle warmers and microwave (select use only)

  • Vending machine offering formula, baby food, juice, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, pacifiers and over-the-counter medication—all available for purchase with a credit card


6. Take advantage of Character Dining opportunities
Many children dream of meeting their favorite Disney characters. A high “four” from Mickey Mouse, a kiss on the cheek from a Disney Princess, bouncing around with Tigger - the experiences that make it into the core memories for kids!  If looking to meet characters on your trip be sure to consider character dining opportunities. These meals will save you time by meeting some of your favorite Disney pals at one time while you are eating - two birds, one stone! Avoid those in park lines and get it all done in one place. Currently the character dining opportunities at Disneyland are:

  • Minnie and Friends Breakfast in the Park featuring Minnie and some of her best Disney pals at the Plaza Inn

  • Mickey’s Tales of Adventure Breakfast Buffet featuring Mickey and Friends at Storytellers Cafe

  • Disney Princess Breakfast featuring some of your favorite Disney Princesses at Napa Rose

  • Goofy’s Kitchen featuring Chef Goofy and friends at Goofy’s Kitchen


Character dining is a great way to have those special moments with characters, and dinner too!

We hope these tips have begun to set you up for a successful trip with your family to the happiest place on earth. If you’d like to take advantage of the newest special offer and save 50% on children’s tickets, reach out to an agent today  for a no-obligation quote to get started on booking your dream vacation! 


Planning magical vacations for families since 2011, Pure Magic Vacations is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner Travel Agency - EarMarked Platinum Producer.


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